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Most of the massage girls in Malate aren’t that attractive to be honest, but you never really know.

I have already covered the bigger sex massage parlors in another post, these are usually found on the premises of the KTV entertainment complexes.

So this guide is all about the smaller erotic massage salons that offer all sorts of different happy endings: Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs and also Prostate Massages if you are into that.

If she says “No, sir”, and again in 50% of the places in Manila this will be the case, then you have just avoided losing one hour of your time, money for the massage, and big disappointment, too, when your massage lady will tell you towards the end of the massage “No, sir.

It’s not allowed” when you ask her “Can you massage here? Well maybe you won’t be that disappointed and feel you wasted your time and money, but I don’t think so since you are reading this guide.

There are usually between 6-10 girls available in these massage salons.

And thirdly, most importantly: Not all massage salons offer happy endings.And one special kind of place that specializes in prostate massages is called Abacca Spa and is located in north Makati.I will talk about it later in this guide in more detail.And also be careful when taking them back to your room. You might even want to consider having them leave their IDs at the hotel reception.The good thing with these freelancers though is that they are cheaper because they don’t have to share the money with the owner of a massage salon. As you can see, the highest concentration of them is in Malate and on P Burgos Street: It doesn’t really matter where you go, the offerings and prices are more or less the same everywhere: The most common type of service is the “Swedish Massage” that costs 300-500 Massage for 1 hour.Don’t get distracted by all the super hot and attractive KTV girls standing outside their establishments and trying to lure you in (along with the Filipino doormen and also the street vendors can be quite annoying).


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