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Can 100V Japanese build appliances run ok on an 110V/120V USA Step Down Transformer?No, the input voltage will be too high by as much as 20% resulting in damage to your appliance!Can 100V/120V USA build appliances run ok on a 100V Japan Step Down Transformer?

The transformer has an internal thermal overload switch which monitors the internal temperature of the Voltage Converter.

If the temperature reaches 125 degrees C ± 5 degrees C, the switch will open.

If unsure, Contact Live Support or call 1300 799 455 for further assistance.

Example : However in many cases if your appliance states 120V 60Hz and 6.15A then this will be the max current draw, 120x 6.15 = 738watts , the best matched transformer in this case is the ST-1000 , but if powering for over an hour then select the ST-1500Is your appliance two pin, two pin keyed or three pin?

These high power surge elements have large start-up power requirements.

Typically, you should select a transformer 3 to 6 times stated power draw.

An 110V/120V appliance running from a 100V/110V Transformer means an electric motor will run slower, possibly stalling and overheating windings.

Running incorrect voltage for extended periods may void manufacturers' warranty, reduce performance and life of your appliance and risk dangerous overheating.

For normal appliance voltage conversions, particularly for intermittent or occasional appliance use where the conversion ratio is under 3:1, an 8ZED Laminated Core Step Down Transformer is a sensible choice.

Wall Cann offer a range of Voltage Converters, both 8ZED and Powertran Laminated Core Step Down Transformers and STEED and 8ZED Isolated Toroidal Transformers.

All 8ZED Voltage Converters are manufactured using high quality pressed metal pin sockets and in the initial instances of usage a slight amount of force will be required to plug your appliance to ensure a strong secure connection.

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