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*Orders usually ship 2-5 days after payment is received and cleared.

We contact you by email with tracking and insurance nos. and international orders, checks and money orders for U. only, Amazon payments for USA orders (or USA address orders only), take longer..

The only problem I have now is thinking of a name for my business. I am afraid if I use Rozas, future clients will mispronouce it and say it the way it is looks.

I was thinking of Oh My Goodies by Diane but now I feel it is a little childish and limits me to goodies.

We sell artist, collectible, and vintage dolls; doll accessories; paper dolls; collectible books and reference books; figurines; plush; sometimes music-related items; kitchen items; gift items; and VHS and DVD movies.

Some of our collectibles include Ginny and other Vogue Dolls, Helen Kish, Robert Tonner and Effanbee dolls, Precious Moments, Madame Alexander, Disney, Raggedy Ann and Andy, and variety of others.

Built for fun and crafted for comfort, Hanna’s matching family outfits bring the whole gang together.

Perfect for playing, sleeping, celebrating and silly times, we’ve got matching family clothing great for any occasion.

For something that was just a hobby one point of my life, I would love to turn it into my career.


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