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And there’s great communication with the team and great camaraderie.

And it's just, it's been "insane." I've said this to Barry a few times, but there are places in the States where they say, "Oh, you know, we're going to investigate a castle." It's not a castle, though. OI see the board itself as simply being just a board. Like a sword is just a sword, but it's the way that it's thrown that it can then become dangerous.

Christianity as a whole identifies with spirits, and it seems to be that Catholicism is certainly more open to the idea, whereas, for example, within Protestantism and other religions there seems to be an element of fear with regard to spirits.

We live in surroundings where things are getting faster and faster and faster.

We don't take the time now to walk in the countryside and see what's around us. The stories of fairies, ghosts and other things of that nature have begun to disappear, especially when the world around us started to move much faster.

The Danish Paranormal Society explains to the investigators that figures are seen at the windows, screams and horses can be heard in the courtyard, a ghostly soldier can be seen walking the battlement and shadows move across the walls.

Batteries drain, people feel like they are being watched and knocks can be heard in response to questions.

The whole idea of opening a vein on a cable television paranormal show is not new, in fact it was done by a paranormal group that had a television show for about 5 minutes a couple of years ago.

And perhaps maybe a little bit about the case you guys investigated in Demark if you don’t mind.

I have been pushing for a long time to see if we could get to the Titanic.

I've often thought to myself, "What a perfect investigation," and, of course, it being built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that makes it close to my heart. I've always been game for whatever they throw at me.

It's funny, too, because we've all noticed that each group is kind of like each other's opposites.

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