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For months, they had intense all-night Whatsapp conversations about their families and values.Though Andy talked enthusiastically about meeting up, they managed only three dates in four months because he rescheduled frequently. “I guess there was little impetus for him to meet me because we had already had such deep conversations over text,” she admits.

It takes effort to arrange a date, get out of the house, and get over the nervousness of meeting someone new.” Which is why a digital relationship is attractive.

“It’s immediate gratification with minimal effort,” he says. There’s none of the emotional mess of a real relationship, says Adrian*, 29, a property agent who has had five text buddies over two years. There’s no risk of crashing and burning if she rejects you,” he explains.

“New users should be swiping right at least 50 times a day.” IT'S COMPLICATED Confusion starts when digital relationships aren’t moved offline.

Priscilla*, an IT professional, was stuck in one with Andy*, an unmarried businessman.

The boom in online dating has fuelled this phenomenon.

A biennial survey of singletons in Asia by dating agency Lunch Actually revealed a 25 per cent increase in the number of people who partook in online dating between 20.

“It was enough to keep me hooked – but I never got all of him.” She gave him an ultimatum after he postponed yet another date: Meet up, or she’d end contact.

“He explained that he just wanted some alone time – but we had spent almost five weeks just trying to fix a date to meet. The relationship fizzled out, but it left Emily with questions.

only, we were in the same country.” MEET THE TEXT BUDDY More than a friend but not yet a boyfriend, a text buddy is that special guy whom you message practically every day. You’re more familiar with his favourite emojis than his face.

The texting is reciprocal, and both of you have unspoken routines – you’ll feel weirded out if he doesn’t text you after work, and you know he’ll definitely like any photo you post on Instagram. Forget long-distance relationships; the new LDR is the long digital relationship.

“Laziness,” says David Tian, executive director of Aura Dating Academy (


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