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November 2017 that the streaming bot software Ankh Bot joins the family.

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To give you an idea how the settings would look: This script updates your stream title only on Twitch with infos you want to put in there.

For example you can put your and the opponents name, race as well as the MMR of your account (no MMR for opponents) and the current time in the game.

It allows a lot of configuration like the "Min Power Level" which says who can use it (Everyone, Regulars, Subs or only Mods), the cost of it, cooldowns and supports a lot of languages.

Note: Since that also can lead to some trolling we also included a "Black List" so you can filter out words you definitely don't want to hear in your stream.

This means you only need to set it up once and decide if you want to enable it this stream or not. Switch the betting system to a voting system and let them vote without any currency at all.

The overlay will be displayed with percentages then instead of total amount of points then.Hello fellow nerds, gamers but especially you Streamers out there, Streamlabs Chatbot (formerly Ankh Bot) has an integrated Python API which allows us to create outstanding scripts and tools for you streamers.Among other ideas we were especially fixated on the usage of the Star Craft II Client API since my friend Burny and me both like to play as well as stream that game.A quick look at the menu here as well: There are two timers which streamers and viewers care about: First a countdown which usually runs before the actual stream starts and second a timer that displays the uptime of the stream.Both normally require an installation of another program but we want all of it in one solution - so we created Stream Timers.Text files which get updated whenever you play a new game Example: "Playing vs. This information will stay as your title until you get into the next game.2.


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