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But without these two people’s silent sacrifices and careful assistance, he could only rely on himself.However, he was from an ordinary family, and his strength, although comparable to Alpha, was not outstanding among them, so naturally, every aspect of his life was unsatisfactory.

His red eyes and ferocious expression frightened the prison officer, that night, they transferred the two to a double room. Osborne sat beside him, because of the weighty handcuffs, it was inconvenient to embrace his lover, he could only kiss his cheek and grin, “There’s no need for that.

This small bed is just enough to rest on, I lie down first, you lie down on top of me.” Zhou Yun Sheng Zhang opened his mouth and captured his tongue, kissing him enthusiastically.

Each of their steps left deep footprints in the ground, and even the stairs were almost flattened, making the soldiers responsible for arresting them unceasingly scared.

Seeing the two people in handcuffs, Joshua opened his cockpit and jumped down, he walked up to Osborne and lowered his voice, “You once said I was ambitious but didn’t have the ability to match it, now look, I’m at the top of the world, and you’re a prisoner. I, Joshua, will never become another person’s vassal, I will be the strongest above all.” He retreated two steps, and gave them a complacent smile. Judging by the words just said, Joshua’s sanity had not been completely devoured by the Queen, his will and obsession had not been swallowed up.

treason and malfeasance, they also announced the dissolution of the two men’s First and Second Army, which were merged into the Imperial Army, led by Joshua.

Because the two were the most powerful in the galaxy, when carrying out the arrest, the Imperial Army sent their most powerful mech units to surround the two’s villa.As the inciter of all this, Zhou Yun Sheng gave an amused smile.He took two steps towards Joshua, and the soldiers raised their particle guns.He was himself, but also the Queen, they had fully integrated.No wonder the Zerg Queen picked him, his heart had too many hidden desires, and these desires made him easily seducible by the Queen, so he willingly betrayed humanity. If he truly had self-respect, he wouldn’t have done those things.He’d repeatedly scrutinized Joshua’s abnormalities these past few day, and had almost confirmed his identity beyond a doubt.

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