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Why not bring them out and breathe some new life into these devices?

Some might even have devices with a partially damaged display screen or few other minor issues such as the low battery, scratched display, tarnished body etc.

The resale value of these phones is simply too low to even be sold off and hence they get left in the closet.

This app can work on i OS and Android devices as both a camera and a viewer.

Symbian devices can act as a camera only—it is time to bring out those old Symbian phones.

Priority (6-10 business days guaranteed) to Canada $25 and to all other countries $30.00.

Tracking available with priority mailing to certain countries.We will show you three methods, using which, you can convert them into a security camera and use them to keep an eye on your home, office or garage from a distant location.All you need is a working device, the utility app, the device’s charger and a wireless Internet, or 3G service, if necessary.Place the phone/tablet on a higher level in the room to ensure that you cover a larger area to be monitored. Set up the app on your phone as a viewer or camera and enter the Google credentials To view the feed, you need the same app installed on another phone or tablet. Give in the same Google authentication details as you did in the other phone/tablet that acts as the camera and then tap the ‘Viewer’ button when asked what the device should be.Once you have logged in, your camera will show up in the list of ‘Available cameras’. Now that the feed is available via the Internet, you can monitor the room from anywhere.You can let me know the number(s) of the pair(s) of panties you would like to order when you contact me. ____________________________________________________________________ Green Mesh Cheeky Green Silky Lace-up Cheeky Green High Waist Mesh Back Thong White Daisy Lace G String Lacy Navy Thong Silky Blue Scalloped Lace Cheeky Purple Mesh and Lace Thong Pale Pink See-Through Lace Panty Hot Pink See-Through Lace Panty Pink Mesh and Lace Thong Cotton Leopard Print Panty Soft Screen Scalloped Panty SATIN!!!


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