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So Josh Richman-actor, producer, Hollywood event director and son of former USC SID Don Richman-invited Matt Leinart into his world. Introduced him to his friends Vince Vaughn and Adam Sandler. Soon Matt was hanging with Chris Rock and the Timberlake posse. PETE KNOWS him, and Pete wants to tell you about the promise. Pete Carroll has assured Matt that he'll call some of his own plays this coming season. "And Nick Saban said the Dolphins weren't taking a quarterback. Romeo Crennel hadn't even played his Super Bowl yet.One night, Alyssa Milano spasmed at the mere sight of him. If any of them had told Pete, 'We're taking Matt No.Cameron and Leinart dated while the two were at USC, and shortly after their breakup she announced she was pregnant.

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Josh loved that Matt would drive around Hollywood in the Danger Ranger. He'd have to wear a hood or his Lasorda cap low over his eyes. But because Matt is 6'5", he'd still get paparazzied. Most quarterbacks get that only when they're in the NFL, but Matt gets it in college. Matt first laid eyes on her in the USC training room last fall. At the exact moment he won the Heisman, she was shooting a free throw at home against South Dakota State. 1,' Pete would've told Matt to go."So Pete devised a plan.

Josh even changed the truck's pronunciation to a Frenchsounding Dahn-jay Rahn-jay. Kevin went clubbing with Matt one night and bumped into Nick Lachey. " Nick answered, "Did you hear Matt Leinart's here? " He introduced the two and now Matt plays golf and goes to Angels games with Nick. It's one less reason to go pro."Yeah, I can live the life of an NFL player right here in LA," he says. BRYNN KNOWS him, and Brynn wants to tell you she's the reason he came back. Brynn Cameron was a freshman basketball player who would lead her team in scoring; he was a stud QB who would win the Heisman. He liked that she wasn't another starstruck female and says, "I confess, I actually went to eight girls basketball games this year."He'd previously dated a surfer/model, Veronica Kay, and he's also been out with Jessica Simpson's personal assistant, Ca Cee Cobb. He'd pick up Brynn's younger brothers from high school in the Danger Ranger or he'd sing her songs from Aladdin, off-key. She drove a white Ford Ranger too, and they both wore No. The PA announcer bellowed, "Matt Leinart got the Heisman! Through it all, he was hesitant to get serious, in case he went pro and had to bail out of town. With offensive coordinator Norm Chow gone to the Titans, Pete hired Steve Sarkisian away from the Raiders and put him in charge of Matt.

It needed months of rehab and rest and wouldn't heal by the combine. Steve, who runs the esteemed Air 7 Football Academy in Pasadena, is Matt's private coach, and he'll tell you Matt was a determined kid.

That while his shoulder was injured, he learned to throw righthanded. That he has a 38-inch vertical leap now and can throw down 360° dunks.

He got invited to party with Nick and Jessica on Halloween and dressed as an Alpine yodeler. In fact, she bet him $500 early in their friendship that he'd enter the draft. One day during spring practice, while Matt was recovering from minor elbow surgery, Sarkisian had Matt walk to the line behind backup QB John David Booty.

Carroll called a defensive set, and Matt's job was to audible into the right offense.

Yes, Matt Leinart won the Heisman Trophy last year. 14, the day he would decide whether to turn pro or not, the day that had USC and several NFL teams saying their rosaries. "Nine out of 10 guys would've left."He simply got up that morning and told Kevin, "Dude, I'm staying." Kevin said, "Sweet," and then they played Halo. Eventually, Matt decided to dress for the press conference. She wanted Matt out of The Bean, out of South Central and into the NFL, where even the players' bodyguards have bodyguards. Bob has a business selling giftware and Linda works in a high school principal's office, and money was never a priority. Has a stick shift because it was cheaper to buy that way.

Yes, he torched Oklahoma for 5 TDs in the Orange Bowl. If they were thirsty, there was a crate of Gatorade on the coffee table. "After the Orange Bowl, Matt and Kevin moved into another place, just blocks away. Their neighbors had keg parties three nights a week. If he turned pro, he'd get a penthouse, and if he stayed, he'd get The Bean. First he put on his Chuck Taylor lowtops, the ones he wears every day. But Bob looked out the restaurant window that night and saw Matt's 1999 white Ford Ranger pickup. The front grill is dented, the bumper guard is frayed.

He set numerous passing records while at Louisiana Tech and spent time in Panthers camp this summer.

Matt Leinart Skeptic: "Your boy's stupid, man."Buddy of Matt Leinart: "Why's he stupid? She voted NFL too, but only because of The Bean and the lack of safety around campus. 1 next year, that his son was "Tom Brady, only better." But the money issue had him conflicted.

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin revealed Monday that Brynn Cameron gave birth to Griffin’s first child, a boy reportedly named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin and born on Aug. Griffin confirmed the birth to the Los Angeles Times.

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