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In terms of production we tried to approach vocals with the idea of feeling less compressed and less dense.

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Obviously "Boyfriend" I know super well because I've been playing with the stems...

I was on tour in Germany and was like 'guys, shall I just DM Tegan and Sara and be like "can I do a remix? I want to dig this picture out of me with you guys at a gig but I fear it will be SO embarrassing for me that I just can't do it..I'm definitely trying to copy one of your haircuts and it doesn't look good on me because I don't have a jawline.

I played it on my out-of-tune piano, added some programming and spooky backgrounds, and it all came together in less than 24 hours.” The renditions gave Tegan and Sara new entry points into their own work.

“There’s anguish in [Bareilles’] version of ‘Floorplan’ that is maybe missing from mine on the record,” Quin says. But it was nice to have these artists push into the emotional core even more.” Tegan and Sara, both 37, grew up idolizing Cyndi Lauper and have covered multiple songs from her catalog throughout their career.

After spending the first decade of their career toiling in the indie-rock world, Tegan and Sara have spent the past few years transitioning to a more pop-oriented, keyboard-based sound.

And while Quin jokes that she’s totally over the guitar (“Tegan is so annoyed at me; we’ve been doing rehearsals for [ anniversary] tour, and I am not playing any guitar”), one artist — Ryan Adams — made her reconsider., which took their career to a new level of mainstream success, she remembers the dread of that era: loved ones passed away, she went through a divorce, their label folded — and much of that turmoil showed up in the music.“I listen back to the songs and wish I could get in a time machine and go back and hug myself,” Quin tells EW.: All the big '80s and late '70s iconic pop music like Cyndi and Bruce and Bowie and, the other day I was talking about how obsessed we were with very strange stuff like Phil Collins, Mike and the Mechanics..wanted to continue going down that path of making pop music but making really intelligent pop music like they made in the '80s.From so many years of making really heavy, alternative indie rock/pop or whatever, it's been very inspiring and exciting to thematically still be dark and deep and just like match that with something less deep and less dark.: I think what you do really well on this record is that thing Whitney Houston does really well which is happy/sad music - where it's sonically euphoric but the lyrics are like "oh my god! ": That was the one complaint - a lot of the diehard Tegan and Sara superfans were fine..there was definitely a contingent of people saying "oh this feels smoothed over, this feels likes it's been created to appeal to the masses!So in a way we chose to get into pop music cos we liked the idea of being able to move up the ranks - because the only qualification you need is ambition and to be able to write a good hook.


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