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"The aggressive response by the United States is also a sign of how greater attention and resources have turned to efforts to fight drugs as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down." In a sign that public attitudes on the drug war are shifting, the Some specialists have expressed skepticism about the approach.

"Even though they toned the statement down, it is still to this day the best statement any president has had on marijuana." The 1977 meeting wasn't public knowledge, but even if it had been, America's relationship with drugs was such that the idea of pro-marijuana advocates consulting with the White House would have drawn little protest.

Marijuana use had risen steadily through the '60s, in tandem with the countercultural revolution.

And just as in the previous century, its rise was facilitated by circumstances aligning against another drug.

This time around, that wasn't demon rum but rather a substance that American culture was seemingly on the very verge of declaring acceptable: marijuana. The coke session with the drug czar, which had gone down at a Georgetown home, had been strictly private.

Stroup was a pro-pot lobbyist running the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Drug culture, it seemed, was about to go mainstream.It was this context in which Stroup and Smith sat down to craft Carter's drug policy--and in which, a year later, Peter Bourne, Carter's top drug official, sat down to blow lines at a 1977 NORML Christmas party with Stroup, Hunter S.Thompson, and an assistant to newspaper columnist Jack Anderson.(Besides, euros are worth more: 500 euros today will fetch you 600 dollars.) How we got to this place -- with a U. police force fighting in Africa, so that drugs aren't shipped from Latin America to Europe -- is a long story, but one worth telling as we grapple at home with marijuana legalization and abroad with what to do, or not to do, with our military and global cops.Reprinted below, from the book, is some of that story., thought Keith Stroup as he put down the phone after a call from Griffin Smith, a speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter.


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