Liquidating limited partnerships

It is important to establish this before analyzing the financial condition of the borrower because there are different risks involved in different types of lending.

The analyst should be concerned with the liquidity of the assets being financed, and management's ability to complete the asset conversion cycle.

Any matter brought before the members to be voted on shall pass when approved by more than 50% of the members as based on their ownership percentage.

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The annual report is a vehicle for a company to state its mission, objectives, and corporate culture to its shareholders and the investor/creditor community.

Consequently, the report is often a carefully crafted public relations document with glossy photos, which presents the company in a favorable light.

Each membership certificate shall be sequentially numbered and reflect the members ownership percentage.

It shall also bear the name of The Company and the name of the member.

Agreement to have a meeting can be expressed by the members either verbally or in witting.

If any member cannot attend the meeting, then the member(s) unable to attend shall propose an alternative date and time for the meeting.

Voting - Each member shall be entitled to vote on matters affecting The Company at a meeting held to discuss such matters.

A members voting power shall be equal to the members ownership percentage as calculated above.

Officers are hereby granted authority to do whatever necessary to retain partnership tax status with State and Federal agencies.

Accounting - The Company shall have a tax year beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of each year.

A meeting of The Company may be held without all members in attendance if the member(s) unable to attend provide in writing their approval of the meeting.


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