Sexchat on wechat id

China’s most popular messaging app, We Chat, has always had a close relationship with the Chinese government.

The app has been subsidized by the government since its creation in 2011, and it’s an accepted reality that officials censor and monitor users.

Linking someone's face to what's essentially the de facto way to communicate in China is a bit scary considering how heavily the government polices the app.

Harvard Business School professor of management Willy Shih, who co-authored a case study on We Chat, calls the transition to an electronic ID system a “predictable evolution.” The pilot program began at the end of December, and it expanded across the country in January.

The program was developed by the research institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Tencent’s We Chat team and is backed by banks and other government departments, including the China Construction Bank and the Guangzhou police station’s Nansha District branch.

“For all intents and purposes We Chat your phone, and to a far greater extent in China than anywhere else, your phone is everything,” wrote Ben Thompson, consultant and founder of the blog Stratechery.

“There is nothing in any other country that is comparable: not LINE, not Whats App, not Facebook.” Founded in 2011 and owned by Tencent, We Chat has 902 million daily users, and about 38 billion messages are sent on the platform every day.

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For anything more involved that'd require state ID, however, you'll need to hit a registration hard point in the city.

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