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But when comes to date with a guy in the army you have to be ready to face many kinds of truths.

It is quite tough to date with a guy in army than a normal guy.

After selecting the particular date to meet with a military person, you need to do little research on the habits and lifestyles that are generally maintained by soldiers. Do not be shy when you are sitting in front of him to whom you are coming to meet.

Side by side many women will flirt with the particular army guy with which you want to date.

It is very true that finding the right person for dating takes both patience and time.

As no one is allowed in anywhere near the border areas, so you have to find the other best ways to date an army on your own turf.

There are millions of women who have a dream to date with army guys who have tough body and great personality.

Prepare yourself to become accustomed to any timing.

It does not matter whether it is a lonely day or night; you have to be prepared to meet with a military person in any time.

Try to maintain the right time schedule as soldiers are very strict about time.

Side by side, you need to wear dresses that are neat and clean.

The places where the guys in army like to hangout are the right choices for you to find out the right person.


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