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Second Life retains IMs in the backlog for 31 days.

If you do not log in within 31 days to view your IMs, they are no longer available.

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The major features include real time traffic monitoring and chatting, chat invitations.

The application will notify you of the new incoming chats even if you close it, unless you sign out of the system.

You can change this preference in your Second Life dashboard or the Viewer.

On the Web: As a member of a group, you can send IMs to everyone in the group.

Failure to comply with the rules of communication is fraught with blocking access to the service for some time.

And of course, do not forget that the main thing - is to maintain a good mood, it is always nice to start dating a man who has a smile on his face. A major new version of XChat for Windows has been released today: 2.8.7.Some of the new features including screenshots are listed in this forum post.Previously, Google provided free translation services, but this has now ended, and you must establish your own account with Bing or Google which may incur a cost.Choose Me Chat, then click Translation to display the Chat Translation Settings window.It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. This affects people browsing the web with Internet Explorer while XChat is running.


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