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I was no longer a child and I knew what the effect of my almost naked young curvy body would have on him.

After working at hard labor all his life my dad's body was incredible.

Hard rippling muscles, wide shoulders tapering down to a slender waist and a great ass.

Of course, I had already had sex many times with my boyfriend, but I was still waiting for that ultimate sexual encounter.

My dad picked me up from the airport hugging me tight and kissing me on the cheek. It felt so good to have his strong arms holding me after the hurt I had been through.

I felt a shock of excitement as my body fell on top of his, pressing us tight together.

Without thinking I kissed his lips and pushed my hot wet little tongue in his mouth, shocking him.

He pushed his tongue in harder, licking my clit and pushing his tongue into my tight wet vagina.

I raised my body, moving my pussy rhythmically against his lips and tongue.

I knew my dad would be lonely and miserable since neither my brother nor sister were coming home for the holiday and my mom was in the hospital again.


  1. At RISD Mac Farlane created a series of independent films, eventually meeting future Family Guy cast member Mike Henry, whose brother Patrick was Mac Farlane's classmate.

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