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Apprehension However, the husband of the deceased, Mr Kobla Wohoye, on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 reported to the police at Denu that his wife was missing after he could not reach her on phone.Nana Hinneh said Mr Wohoye became more apprehensive when his enquiries with Pastor Bamfo, also the overseer of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Church at Adidogome in Togo, revealed that Evelyn had not arrived at Aflao, where she had intended to visit the pastor.

Except for the Ho, Hohoe and the Nkwanta, Districts, the number of people who usually reside in the districts, is more than those present on Census Night.

Political Administration With the exception of the south most part, most of the region north from Ho, was part of the German colony of Togoland.

According to the regional commander, the police at Viepe were informed that the dismembered body of a woman in a ‘Ghana-must-go bag’ had been found at an obscure corner near the residence of Pastor Bamfo.

“We moved in, and the body was identified to be that of the missing woman.

The decline in the population of Keta is due mainly to the sea erosion which caused population movements out of the town and also affected commercial and other activities.

Kadjebi, Anyako and Kpedze are other urban localities which had virtually no growth during that period.

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Nkwanta (47.3%) and Krachi (46.4%) have the highest proportion of the population, aged 0-14 years.

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