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The site asks you for some personal information when you create the account which it then stores in a database. I'm going to refer a lot to the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will hit Europe in May 2018 because protecting personal data is a cornerstone of the legislation.

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When you read this explained in this fashion, it's hard not to nod your head in agreement because it just sounds fundamentally obvious, doesn't it?

But let's juxtapose that with what regularly happens when you provide your data to a website: When you give your data to a cat forum, they now own it.

Because they believe they own it, they may also share it with a dog forum they've partnered with or sell it to advertisers thus spreading the footprint of your data.

This is the attitude we need to address so let's move onto tackling that and changing the way we think of personal data.

Back in September, a number of people pointed me at Experian's "FREE Dark Web Email Scan" (capitalisation is theirs, not mine) because on the surface of it, it seemed similar to my Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) service.

Here's what it looks like: And it look similar to HIBP - enter your email address and go!

The technique is verified against simulated echo attenuation data from a lattice-Boltzmann simulation.

Yesterday, I wrote the first part of this 5-part series on fixing data breaches and I focused on education.

Ale o nich postaram się opowiedzieć w jednym z kolejnych wpisów.

The non-local dispersion tensor provides a fundamental description of velocity correlations and displacement information in a pre-asymptotic dispersive system.

It's the absolute best bang for your buck by a massive margin and it pays off over and over again across many years and many projects.

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