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A horizon line, for one, which will show up in live view mode.

Think of it as a virtual level, just like the horizon line in a plane.

They magically add new features to our computer controlled devices. On the heels of yesterday's big product announcements, Nikon has updated its current top-end DSLRs, the D3 and the D300, bringing them into line with the features of the new D700.

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Hello all, I have just joined this group and this is my first post here :-)Not sure if I am asking a basic question, but I felt its better to be sure than sorry.

Question: Does the shutter count get reset to zero if the firmware is flashed or upgraded in a D300?

While there are third party software applications designed to read a cameras shutter count, this number is not always accurate because the shutter release times may be reset by firmware updates, or reset in the Service department if certain parts are replaced or other operations are performed.

This URL seems to be workingsupport.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16492/ Just that it has bad information, I have a url that works at the bottom of the post Nikon DSLR cameras incorporate a shutter mechanism capable of moving extremely fast to help capture split second detail.

However, as with everything mechanical, it may need to be serviced or replaced someday.

There is no way to accurately tell the total number of times your camera shutter has released.

So not only the shutter count is preserved but also user custom settings too.

HTHBill Microcontrollers with on chip memory often have flash memory for the application code, static RAM for the data and EEPROM for persistent data that is to be updated at a lower frequency but is required to be preserved across power cycles and firmware upgrades.

Also, you can now control lens vignette correction in camera and assign new commands to new buttons.


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