Who is dating paul mccartney

It was there, decades before, that he’d wed Linda — a tribute, in its way, to both women.

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There was never any suggestion throughout their 30-year union that Paul was anything but faithful.

In fact, Linda was vilified as being Paul’s Yoko, the woman who compromised his musical genius.

But the revelations came too late to save Paul from “the biggest mistake” of his life.

They were married and she was the mother of his youngest child, Beatrice.

In a sordid and seemingly endless divorce trial, Heather accused Paul of being an abusive drunk.

When the judge awarded her a mere million, which she considered a loss, Heather poured a pitcher of water over the head of Paul’s lawyer.While most of it is concerned with the icon’s musical career, it also peers closely at the women at Mc Cartney’s side through the decades.PAUL MCCARTNEY WORKING TO RETRIEVE RIGHTS TO BEATLES SONGS First off, doe-eyed Mc Cartney was never the “nice” Beatle, the one even parents could embrace, though that’s how he played it in the early throes of Beatlemania.At some point, he added 24-year-old Apple music employee Francie Schwartz to the harem.In 1968, on a trip to New York, after ending it with Asher, Mc Cartney eyed a blond photographer.According to Norman, Mc Cartney hit it off with so many ardent young fans the numbers were legendary.


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