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Also, her skin was getting a little bit dry and chapped, but there are now so many cowboys lined up in front of her with their peckers in hand, it looks like dry skin will no longer be a problem: Via Hedonix. It deals with adult themes (note that “adult” doesn’t necessarily mean “mature! Faustus believes you could open any page of it on your browser almost anywhere in the world and not go to jail or get fired. No warranties express or implied, contents packed by weight not volume, items may shrink in shipping, do not apply for refund, step right this way to see the world-famous egress! ) there are versions of “Bubbles” available in English, Esperanto (believe it or not, Dr.

I am pretty sure this photo is from the same series. Each stain of earthliness Had passed away, it reassumed Its native dignity, and stood Immortal amid ruin. Faustus has cherished the notion that beyond the barriers of geography and language, he has potential friends around the world who share some of his strange obsessions. Faustus has a sentimental utopian side), French, German, Italian, Latin (Dr.

These first eight languages are just the beginning, because Dr. (This is an OEES: an Official Eros Blog Editorial Stance.) In the process of production, there are versions in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters) Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Faustus hopes to roll out another one of these additional translations about every other week or so, though this will depend on the availability of his collaborating artist.

Still yet more translations in still yet more languages are possible after they finish working through that impressive list, and Dr.

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If you’re qualified and willing to translate this comic into Yiddish or as much as ancient Greek as possible (what would Aristotle have called a tube girl? Faustus might have a reasonably generous offer for you; do get in touch with him.

Folks, Bubbles is funny, twisted, and beautifully-drawn.

Feel free to submit your Indian or Tamil sex story in malayalam, Hindi or Tamil.


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