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Don't try to hide a camera in your child's favorite toy.He may pick it up and toss it around, and your babysitter or nanny may pull it off the shelf to soothe him when he's upset, thereby messing up your field of view and negating the information you're trying to gather in the first place.Pay particular attention to your cam's shooting angle.

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And make sure you test your footage in the environment where you'll be using it.

If you can't easily do that, try to simulate the conditions of your shooting area as best you can.

If you're looking to monitor a vast area like a large warehouse, farmland or a parking lot, odds are you're going to want a more robust camera system capable of covering a wider field of view, usually from a higher, perched location.

More extravagant systems allow for multi-camera setups, which allow you to take in more visual area.

A hidden camera can be installed covertly in your home or office and will give you the evidence you need in case of theft or vandalism.

And of course, nanny cams or "granny cams" can help you gather crucial information about the kind of care your child or elderly relative is getting when you're not around.

Place the lens completely flush to the hole in the housing and affix it with electrical or duct tape as necessary.

Don't use glue unless you're absolutely certain that you won't want to move your camera from object to object.

Once you've decided that a hidden camera meets your needs, selecting the ideal housing for it is the most important part of your installation.


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