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Once you've decided that a hidden camera meets your needs, selecting the ideal housing for it is the most important part of your installation.Are you looking to set up a hidden cam to monitor your nanny?Don't try to hide a camera in your child's favorite toy.

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If you've sewn the camera into a sack of potatoes or taped it inside a plant stand, you'll want to create an easy access point (or a flap of some kind) for removal and replacement.

Velcro works well in many cases, as does industrial-strength double-sided tape or a needle and thread.

A hidden camera can be installed covertly in your home or office and will give you the evidence you need in case of theft or vandalism.

And of course, nanny cams or "granny cams" can help you gather crucial information about the kind of care your child or elderly relative is getting when you're not around.

The amount of available lighting in your room is crucial, too.

Test your camera in its enclosure with the room lights on and off to make sure your camera is capable of producing a satisfactory image.

Mount your hidden camera, once again with the lens flush to the hole, and set it on your shelf - it's that easy.

If you plan to use your hidden cam in a given enclosure more than once, make sure you can re-access the enclosure for multiple uses.

But the Camscura Micro, a revolutionary device exclusively from Brick House Security, is specifically designed for the purpose.

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