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And many years later, when Shoshana is an artist herself, she teaches her own granddaughter the lessons of Grandma J.

A short afterword explains Shavuot, mentions that Eastern European Jews used to make papercuts to hang in their windows for the holiday—who knew?

I look forward to someone boycotting this book because Ruthie’s mother sends her into the woods alone and Ruthie uses a stove without supervision.

(Ages 3-6) by Allison and Wayne Marks, illustrated by Annie Wilkinson.

Bubbe gets back—in cool polka-dot tights and nifty faux-fur-topped boots—and sends the wolf on his way with a jelly doughnut.

Like the story, the art is bright, friendly and cheerful.

We call it the Grand Canyon.”), plopping his dough on a geyser by the Yellowstone River so the heat will help it rise, uprooting a fir tree to use as a whisk for an egg-yolk bath, yanking off the top of Mount St. Lush, old-timey illustrations with a sense of humor depict Sam’s coast-to-coast creative process.

When the eagles tell Big Sam, how destructive he’s been, he feels bad. “I forgot that Rosh Hashanah is about mending the world.If there’s been a trend in this year’s crop of Jewish children’s books, it’s diversity.Yay for depictions of Jews as a) not all white and Ashkenazi, and b) enmeshed in and part of a multicultural world in which Jewishness is only one of a character’s multiple identities. Shapiro has a great ’70s pornstache, and how did I never notice?Shoshana’s grandma is an artist, with bright red cat-eye glasses and a cat named Krasner.Every Thursday after school, Shoshana goes to her studio—“like an enchanted forest”—to do art.The luminous layers of color, swirls of water, striated hills in multiple greens, swoops of fabric in the characters’ robes…lovely.


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