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Pics Art's photo-editing module is as comprehensive as you can get in an app intended for the general market.

That and a few other user unfriendly things like how you now save things through having to forcefully post them just to save a picture.

I'm sorry but you all either get it together and change these things back or I will not support it, share it use it or keep it on my computer in anyway.

If you can't find exactly what you want, quickly and easily make your own, and get ready to take your sticker game to the next level! * Do cool things like: * Make your photos spring-tacular with Spring clipart, frames and backgrounds! * See how others get creative with photo and editing challenges. * Read our blog ( for all the latest news * Follow our Instagram (https:// for daily visual inspiration Version number: Varies by device * Updated “Cutout Tool" with Auto selection feature that detects and selects people and objects in pictures, so you can turn them into stickers with ONE tap. There was a wide selection of add-ons that were free and it was very easy to use.

Your new playground: * Check out our Spring stickers - trees, flowers and a lot more! * Make memes and have fun - using text and stickers * Create a double exposure - turn two photos into a unique work of art * Mix an awesome collage - arrange a selection of cool images and tell a story * Draw - illustrate pictures, apply effects and share with friends. * Join the movement to go beyond the filter with a community that is supportive of experimenting Our community spans the globe and is available in 20 languages So. * Discover pictures you love and learn to make them. * Added several sliders in most of our features (such as Add Photo, Text, Mask and Stickers), and made it easier to zoom and rotate images. After an update, it feels like a completely different app. After the update, all of my add-ons were gone and any new add-ons now cost.

* 1000s of editing features that are fun and easy to use * Remix images with friends. It went from a simple picture editor to some wannabe Instagram/social network sharing app where you now have to create an account and everything is geared towards sharing. You get 3 packs of add-ons by default but that's it.

Like I said, it's basically an entirely new app, but with the Pic Art name still attached to it.

Camera on smartphones are getting better with each passing model and are approaching the quality of point-and-shoot camera.

With high megapixel sensors and optical image stabilization, more and more people are taking photos with their smartphones and leaving their digital cameras behind.

When you first open Pics Art, the visually busy community home page is displayed, and it might take a few moments for a new user to wade through all the buttons to figure out what to do first.

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