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(But see this 1973 newspaper article for a round-up of the caning situation then prevailing at seven "top" private schools.) The state education system in England and Wales used to be highly decentralised, and there were always wide variations of practice between schools, even between different schools of the same kind in the same area.

The only rule laid down by central government was that all formal CP was supposed to be recorded in a punishment book.(1) The 100 local education authorities (LEAs) in England and Wales -- created in 1902 to replace the old local school boards -- formulated their own rules, or in some cases decided not to have any rules.(2) These varied a lot, but most were not very specific about the modus operandi.

It is easier to list the few maverick oddities than to try to summarise the majority: thus, the tawse was specified instead of the cane in a handful of places, including Newcastle, Gateshead, Manchester (which changed over from the cane in 1907), and Walsall.

Just one LEA, Coventry, bizarrely required all canings for both sexes, even at secondary level, to be applied to offenders' hands and not to their backsides.

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  1. Online dating gives you an alternative way to meet new people outside of the typical bar and club scene.

  2. It’s as if crawling is to walking as dating is to relationships.

  3. This package has no program, but simply contains the exe files, which I have renamed per architecture.

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