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Malachi has had two brain surgeries to remove the tumor, radiation and ongoing weekly chemo treatments.His speech is slowly coming back, but he still hasn’t learned to read again.“I just remember the eye contact,” he tells PEOPLE of their first meeting. Five years later, they met and fell in love with Malachi, the little boy they would adopt from Ethiopia.

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“Our bond was pretty instant and I’ve never been the typical parent.

I’m sarcastic and can be outrageous, and I think some of that has carried over to him.

A greater understanding of factors that influence psychological distress may help psychosocial oncology service providers to identify childhood cancer survivors in need of psychosocial services and provide them with appropriate resources and interventions.

I had no family history of breast cancer, no particular risk factors for the disease. Recalling the fear, confusion, anger and grief of that time is still painful.

Three family members – a mother, father and their son – all diagnosed with cancer.

Jay Siltzer is the morning anchor at WLOS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina.

He’d only been dating his then girlfriend, Kelly, a few months.

The couple met when he went to the dentist and she was the assistant assigned to clean his teeth.

“It was unbelievable, she slowly, painfully deteriorated over three years, and when she died, I took comfort knowing she was finally healed,” Siltzer says. “I never imagined being a single parent, let alone a single parent of an adopted child from a different culture and of a different race.

But that’s who I am and it’s made for some really funny moments,” Siltzer says. The proceeds go to the organizations that helped when Kelly battled leukemia.

He had surgery and radiation and was doing well until the cancer came back and wrapped around his spine. Siltzer, who was treated by Lance Armstrong’s doctor, was warned that it would be probably be tough for him to have children.


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