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Taking over some of London's biggest clubs, the venue's DJs will be spinning all your favourite tracks long into the early hours.

And don't forget just how legendary their nights are, after all, the likes of Disclosure, Jazzy Jeff and Professor Green have all performed live at their events.

It may be one of the more dated ways of dating, but there must be something in it considering the amount of looking for love ads you see towards the back of newspapers and magazines every day of the week.

Walkabout will be hosting an evening of dating opportunities on Thursday the 15th, and there's also a chance for people to win cash prizes!

Instead of the standard Friday night sesh in DEPOT, the Bigo Lingo crew will be holding a "Lonely Hearts Special" on the 14th.

Whether you secretly love Valentine's Day and wish you had someone to share it with, or if you downright hate it and can't stand the day of "my boy got me a pandora, lucky girl x" posts, there's bound to be something going on over the upcoming love-filled week that will take your mind off the fact you're forever alone.

The Flora are holding a quiz on Monday the 12th to celebrate the release of Fifty Shades Freed.

Perfect for those whose overwhelming fear is that conversation may dry up.

A bit like a blind date but with the people who set it up also being present to oversee the blossoming relationship of mutual friends. Many people view dating as a single persons pursuit, but a new website has carved a niche for itself setting up people who want to have their cake and eat it.

Basically, if you've had your eye on a fitty from the ASSL for a while, chances are you might finally get a chance to speak to them if you go to Revs on Tuesday. Bump and Grind is back in its rightful home, and on the 12th they'll be throwing an all things sexy themed night at Buffalo.

Whack your Calvins or your laciest underwear on, and get ready to dab your way into a random edgy kid's bed.

Rumba is one of the most popular party bars of choice for singletons out dancing in the West End.

It’s rammed pretty much every night of the week, DJs play commercial music mixed with dance anthems and there’s some pretty sweet happy hour deals to cash in on.

Drawing a crowd of students, backpackers and locals out to have a good time, the bar crawl checks in at some of the most happening spots in London and sets its guests up with loadsa freebies along the way.


  1. One of main benefits is real live connection and an ability to talk and get to know someone in a private setting.

  2. Thanks to online dating, you no longer have to do that.

  3. We have no tolerance for scammers, spammers and solicitors.

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