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I think the Hollywood lesbian scene pretty much reflects what's happening in the real world. Bisexuals seems to only be bisexual until they meet a man.

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No doubt the marriage to Depp was a very calculated move and certainly the easier option.

As I've said for years, they can do whatever they want to do -- but I wish they would shut the fuck up and do it privately.

Lady Gaga is "proudly and always" bisexual but only with a man. I don't follow Cynthia Nixon private life, but i've never heard rumors about her being a lesbian during the SATC run. The problem is not when she retracted her claim, is when she did it in the first place. Ex what some poster above posted about Amber Heard with the "ex lesbian with a man" title. They've always been bisexual to begin with, whether they like it or not.

Vanessa Carlton is proudly bisexual but married to a man. Why even make those inane proclamations when they are in longterm relationships with men? Really, it's an easy concept to understand to anyone who ever has sexual thoughts/impulses.

(Allegedly she still has girls on the side.) Did he join our team and it's a double-beard?

(Some were claiming this about him and Vanessa Paradis, and his career is basically reduced to playing the FLAMING-Gay-but-you-can't-say-that-because-we-need-the-kiddies'-$$$ Jack Sparrow in between flops.) Or is it really the romance we're told it is?

Hell if I know, but it seems a little more suspicious than say, Amanda Peet, who certainly enjoyed the company of both Sarah Paulson and Lauren Holly (hope Sarah and Lauren didn't have TOO many cat fights over Amanda while making "What Women Want") but seems legitimately settled down with her Go T-producer hubby. No offense, Caitlyn.)I still say the Amber Heards and Anne Heches are a major problem to the cause -- because they make it look like being gay is indeed a choice that one can turn on and off like a lightbulb (or, in Amber's high profile bullshit case, can " cure" yourself of it long term and live a happy "normal" hetero life, vomit.

Of course, she's still pic'd with Sarah now and then (still looking like she might be up for a round) and Lauren supposedly has this "Hollywood Wives Club" she's in, so maybe the girls don't quit cold tuna, but just go from being "lesbians" to being "married women with an occasional 'friend'."Still selling out, though, and rather depressing. She and Depp are not selling an open minded alternative marriage, they are playing Mr and Mrs for all its glory).

[quote]So many are in the closet or won't come out.

They're different from the gay men It's easier for gay women to fly under the radar.

Not that lesbians necessarily have the same cause anyway so maybe they don't care.


  1. California law also gives the court the discretion to monetarily sanction the unreasonable spouse for the attorneys fees and costs of the spouse who was forced to bring a motion to compel.

  2. So maybe he won’t get able to get it up as easily as his skin continues to wrinkle. That’s what Viagra was made for, and it’s been known to work pretty darn well.

  3. "With men over 35 who have never been married, there tends to be more incidence of both commitment issues and other psychological complications that will make it difficult for that man to have or sustain a marriage," says New York-based psychotherapist Michael Batshaw.

  4. This way, it will be easier to choose who you want to talk to.

  5. as well as the seventh most successful act of the 1990s.

  6. Despite this, they’ve become the normal way to meet people and ask them out. Because Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps out there, and the obvious first choice in our list of the best dating apps.

  7. It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.

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