Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress

What is the point of saying "I can do this better than you nyah nyah! Instead of saying, "This is wrong/bad/horrible because..." why not say, for example, "Here is some extra information I'd like to share, another technique that I find works well..." Kindershop writes: Thank you so, so much.I am buttonhole-phobic; meaning I alwasy pick patterns that do not require me to use my machine for making buttonholes. With your tutorial I managed to finish a couple of very cute summer dresses for my girls. writes: When I was a small child, I learned in school to write.

:0) Go Sew Girl writes: I came across this tutorial while trying to help someone long-distance who needed to make hand stitched buttonholes.

Cal clearly states that she is using a blanket stitch here in this tutorial.

We crafters aren't making buttonholes for the Buckingham Palace, and we won't be flogged if we don't get them perfect. I have a fancy machine but I still have trouble making the button holes come out right. I think fuchsia embroidery floss would look great on black denim!

To me, the most important thing is inspiring people to create - not demoralizing them by disparaging their efforts. Regarding some of the comments below, I hope that when I am older and full of knowledge and really good at doing things, that I will share that knowledge in a positive and constructive and friendly manner.

Egdon writes: You've created the perfect vampire buttonhole, for vampires aren't able to see their reflection thus they wouldn't know how really, really bad this looks. I was led here by another blogger 'Smashed Carrots and Peas' and will now finish project with confidence.

Susan MLK - thank you for the belly laugh, sometimes I think mine hates me too!!

On a note toward the comments regarding the comments stating the hole doesn't look finished or pretty, I usually assume in these tutorials that contrasting threads are used to make the stitches show up better on screen. And no, the instructions are not dumbed down (unless you are needlecraft goddesses, which you four clearly are).

Different thread sizes and colors can be selected for real projects to make the button holes more discreet. ;-) Ms Marty D writes: You can make your buttonholes any way you please. Before finding this site I went to my Mc Call's sewing book, circa 1963 and learned to make buttonholes for a dress I was making for my granddaughter. This tutorial has done me a good turn, it's taught me something no one bothered to do, since by the time I was learning to sew, machines had evil buttonholers that hate me. And, regarding the negative comments - what a hoot!

I love hand-stitching hems and zippers, so this should be fun!

It's funny how it always comes back to Cal Patch...

I was given a chunky fat pencil and a Big Chief yellow tablet with lines spaced widely apart. As I got older, I learned cursive, and my writing "tightened up" and became more refined.


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