Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress

I admire all who take the time to do a tutorial, or show their work! If not, then quit bad mouthing the people who ARE putting themselves out there and doing a good job of it too. We love to attend the English dances and dress everyday in the Pride and Prejudice dress styles.My Nan also used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Thanks again! To make my dresses look more authentic,the homemade buttonholes that I learned from your tutorial make them look all the more beautiful!Obviously the stitch anyone chooses to use is personal preference, and as with other aspects of sewing, there are often several ways to do something. First of all, nobody likes a braggart, and that is exactly what you were doing.

teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress-27

I love hand-stitching hems and zippers, so this should be fun!

It's funny how it always comes back to Cal Patch...

I learned to make buttonholes a long time ago from my Nan, and my brain just needed a "refresher"... So the next time you are tempted to brag or put someone down who is "out there" helping other people with tutorials, don't bother, because we aren't interested and we happen to ENJOY and APPRECIATE all that Cal does.

I also must comment on my feelings that common courtesy is just not common enough... If all you better-than-thou people can do it better, let's see it. Come on, we all want to learn your wonderful techniques. ROMANTIC writes: I make dresses for my 3 daughters and myself.

I know with practice I can make a buttonhole that is better looking that the one you used to illustrate, but then it would not be good for illustrating, and that was the point here.

My practice buttonhole was good enough so tomorrow I will finish the dress. By the way, the negative comments are out of place here. stephoneill writes: I cannot tell you how this post has helped me today!

We crafters aren't making buttonholes for the Buckingham Palace, and we won't be flogged if we don't get them perfect. I have a fancy machine but I still have trouble making the button holes come out right. I think fuchsia embroidery floss would look great on black denim!

To me, the most important thing is inspiring people to create - not demoralizing them by disparaging their efforts. Regarding some of the comments below, I hope that when I am older and full of knowledge and really good at doing things, that I will share that knowledge in a positive and constructive and friendly manner.

If your fabric is very thin, insert a layer of interfacing in between. Use tailor's chalk or another temporary marking tool to indicate the size and placement of the hole(s). You might find it helpful to mark the center point of each hole for the next step. My mother taught me how to hand stitch a buttonhole a very long time ago but I have not done one in decades.


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