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In this first part we are going to discuss the concept of a home state and what it means in California child custody cases.

Understand that home state is not the only grounds that California has the power to make custody orders.

The key word is “temporary” because evidence that the absence was intended to be anything other than that could destroy California’s jurisdiction to make child custody orders.

Simply put, if the parent can establish that the home state is California, California will have jurisdiction over the case and it is unnecessary to delve too much further into other methods that California could exercise its power.

There are several circumstances in which California can have jurisdiction to make child custody orders.

Since the law on the subject can be complicated, we are going to break up this article into four different parts.

California child custody jurisdiction laws sometimes cross over state lines.

When they do, questions arise as to whether or not California actually has the jurisdiction (which essentially means “power”) over the parents and the child.However, it is often a starting point before California will look to other ways to exercise its jurisdiction.California has the power to make custody orders if is either the home state of the child when the child custody proceeding has started or was the child’s home state within six months before the preceding has started and, even though the child is absent from this state, a parent or a person acting as a parent continues to live in this state. It can be and this is why consultation with an is so important.A free chat line number is a great thing, and we’ve got a great one here for Dayton Ohio.All you have to do is pick up the phone and get talking to someone new.Got questions about California’s jurisdiction over your child custody case?

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