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NGO can not be a part of Political party but works as organised civil society, as an organisation to advocate, promote and monitor the political working based on development of society with the human right issues, education, health, environment and other welfare and development causes, aims, objects and issues.

NGO operates, organises, manages, supports and runs programmes, activities, projects and works at local, regional, national and international level according to the requirements and operational capacity of the NGO.

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NGOs India is dedicated, for a long time from capacity building of grassroot organisations and their activists to get funds and support so they can implement their projects and programmes, the available resources at this single platform can help Charity organisations and groups of people to serve the society in a better way.

Support in NGO Registration and Funding Many people including those of the new generation who wish to work to make social changes and for social welfare want to form and register NGOs so they can work in their relevant fields and the new NGOs and working NGOs which need financial support from the Government and private funding agencies so they can implement their concepts.

NGOs India team and resource centre have been helping and supporting such persons who wish to form NGOs and want economical and other support with he help of projects and other support.

At the online resource centre information regarding Funding agencies, Funding Schemes, Funding projects and Funding and other resourceful material regarding running, managing and implementation of concepts of social change by achieving funding and support of Volunteers is available and being updated from time to time.

Along with the resource material, NGOs India provides direct support and help for NGO Registration, NGO Management, to find and get Funding and financial Projects.

NGOs India guides and supports to get funds for all kinds of Social development issues.

Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) is a non profit social service voluntary organisation of community, persons, volunteers, civilians and citizens.

NGO is registered at Government registering authorities but it is managed, operated and worked by its members and associated persons under and as per the rules, regulations and laws of the Government of that country but independently from government control.

What is NGO Know what is meaning of NGO and Type of NGOs.

NGOs India provides useful and authentic information, knowledge base and all kind of resources, options and opportunities for NGO Registration, NGO Support to get Funding and Projects and NGO management.

On the online resource center, NGOs and their associates can find database and information about the funding schemes of Government ministries, Government departments, public sector units, Indian Funding agencies, foreign Funding agencies and support groups.


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