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In 2012, Malina, Janney, Sheen, and Hill, plus Melissa Fitzgerald (C. Cregg's assistant Carol Fitzpatrick) recorded a "Walk & Talk" skit, promoting the importance of physical activity.There’s a lot of good news and bad news in this week’s drama offerings.

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You’re just more free and confident.“I mean, there’s so much that comes with aging that is not fun.

We always hear about it, like ‘my skin’s wrinkling, my eyes are going, my back hurts.’ But there are also these glorious gifts that come that I don’t think we talk enough about, just like being comfortable in your own skin, not caring what people think, being more pleasant, being grateful because you have struggled for so long or you’ve tried for so long, so you don’t take it for granted at all. You don’t take the awards for granted, you don’t take the work for granted, the writing for granted, or the money for granted.

* “Nurse Jackie” (Monday, 10 p.m., Showtime) Bad news, people: Another season has come to an end quickly!

More bad news: Mama is falling for Tara, the mom with many, many personalities played by Emmy winner Toni Collette on “The United States of Tara.” It’s not your fault, Jackie — you’ve been swell.

* “Persons Unknown” (Monday, 10 p.m., NBC) This abduction/amnesia story sounds like NBC picked through ABC’s castoffs of “Lost” wannabes when searching for programming to fill its schedule.

A bunch of strangers wake up in a deserted town and discover they’re being filmed. * “Pretty Little Liars” (Tuesday, 8 p.m., ABC Family) You know a show is geared toward the next generation when the press release dramatically states that “the truth may be only one text away.” Good: OMG; Bad: ROFL. The plot, such as it is, goes something like this: Four annoyingly pretty girls hide their secrets and lies beneath pristine exteriors.

Bad: It’ll be without show runner Shawn Ryan, who was largely responsible for its creative renaissance. It turns out that was a series, and they finally decided to get around to showing us the second episode.

The good news: Most shows remake the pilot for the first few episodes anyway, so new viewers can still catch up. Mama used to dream of kissing Josh Lyman when he was one of the White House hotties on NBC’s “The West Wing” — now Whitford better keep away from her with that soup-strainer.

In the years since the show's wrap, its stars have continued their acting careers and have largely stayed in television.

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