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Google has been criticized for placing long-term cookies on users' machines to store these preferences, a tactic which also enables them to track a user's search terms and retain the data for more than a year.For any query, up to the first 1000 results can be shown with a maximum of 100 displayed per page.

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For instance in Switzerland any individual can force Google Inc. Since Google is the most popular search engine, many webmasters have become eager to influence their website's Google rankings.

An industry of consultants has arisen to help websites increase their rankings on Google and on other search engines.

Except in the case of text and SWF files, the cached version is a conversion to (X)HTML, allowing those without the corresponding viewer application to read the file.

Users can customize the search engine, by setting a default language, using the "Safe Search" filtering technology and set the number of results shown on each page.

The deep Web contains library catalogs, official legislative documents of governments, phone books, and other content which is dynamically prepared to respond to a query.

Privacy in some countries forbids the showing of some links.

for words that Google believes to be misspelled, it provides a link to the search results using its proposed spelling), and many more.

Google's search engine normally accepts queries as a simple text, and breaks up the user's text into a sequence of search terms, which will usually be words that are to occur in the results, but one can also use Boolean operators, such as: quotations marks (") for a phrase, a prefix such as " ", "-" for qualified terms, or one of several advanced operators, such as "site:".

The algorithm computes a recursive score for pages, based on the weighted sum of the Page Ranks of the pages linking to them.


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  7. There can be several approaches taken for validating data. For our example we are going to use Customers table of Northwind database. Open its smart tag and choose "Configure Data Source" option to start Configure Data Source wizard.

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