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She will judge you even though she’s surely dated some oddballs in her day as well.

It may even cause her to question your taste and sensibility, wondering if she is the exception or the rule.

Women are always thinking in terms of the future and there are things that a man can unwittingly do that effect how she sees you in it.

Most women won’t openly tell you that you’re turning them off, but there are some specific things that can do it in an instant, and your girl really wants you to stop before it’s too late.

All of a sudden, she is responsible for dishing out unnecessary compliments and it can be daunting.

If you are secure in who you are; she will follow suit.

I gave the first Project Itoh film a so-so rating and utterly seared the second.

After two lousy-to-bad productions, could Project Itoh fin...

Someone who looked good in theory, but didn’t quite keep it together long enough to paint an accurate picture of what the hell you were thinking at the time.

Your woman does not need to know every little detail of your ex.

This week, we explore all the ways this incredibly strange show surprised us.― Shirow Shiratori isn't a new face in the world of light novels. Or maybe it's just residue from the nasty cold I got that knocked me out for a while.


  1. The party will take place in Prague, in the legendary medieval castle Basilica Sacre-Coeur.

  2. After almost 2 weeks without much food, no FEMA government trucks have come in to rescue, a crowd of almost 100 people have gathered around the Smith house.

  3. Unsuccessful attempts by Spanish monarchs to regain Gibraltar were made with the siege of 1727 and again with the Great Siege of Gibraltar (1779 to 1783), during the American War of Independence.

  4. You will have to determine if they are relevant to your situation or actually a con for you.

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