Dating antique desk

Most pews pictured can be made up to a variety of different sizes and given price is for any size up to 1.8m long, i.e.

if it says £210 VAT that is the price for a 4ft, 5ft or 6ft long pew.

dating antique desk-64

Measuring just under 3" in diameter, not only is it complete and working, but in virtually unused condition.

An impressive Georgian mahogany cased pocket compass measuring 80mm square with an attractive paper dial of a particularly early design, it dates to the first quarter of the 19th century circa 1820.

The aluminium dial has a 360 degree outer scale with a decorative Fleur de Lis for North and is housed in an black painted brass body which incorporates a folding rear sight to lock the compass dial when folded.

A precision compass, the front prism allows for focusing the rear sight and objective, and locks down by means of a brass strap when not in use.

(A similar model appears in a 1919 Francis Barker catalogue, where its referred to as a ‘combined altitude instrument and prismatic compass’) Retaining virtually all of its original black finish, it’s engraved L. In full working order, this type of instrument was often used by civil engineers and also artillery regiments in the British army for range calculations and targeting heavy guns.

In very good condition including its leather case, this is a precision instrument in good working order, which weighs 240 grams, and measures 70mm in diameter across the main body.

A genuine antique compass with a traditional design, it's in full working order including a transit lock activated by lid closure.

This elegant brass cased explorer’s style compass with a separate push fit lid dates to the second half of the 19th century and is signed 'H.

It still has its anti slip rubber ring on the underside, which is so often missing on these compasses, and comes with a leather case which is also in good condition.


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