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She previously dated him in 2012, before breaking up with him when she learned he had a fiancée when their relationship began.

Paul's ex Samantha Whittaker claimed his romance with Jo had ended a 22 year relationship - so things quickly ended between the pair.

I just couldn't find a way to get through to anyone regarding my Order #100001297 that shows "Completed" on your site but I have not received and you have taken the funds. I am trying to get information on my purchases that have already been paid for and the site says my order is "Completed" yet I have to received ANYTHING. I appreciate anyone's help as I have just not been able to get through to anyone at the site yet. This is easily one of THE finest Live albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to..talent is one thing..the execution exceeds all expectation. And it just adds to the overall greatness of a simple musician turned icon. Sammy and Mickey are the VH music and sound Eddie and Alex need to hang it up .

I really would love to give a review of the CD/DVD/Shirts etc. The kid can just blend in with another group he will never stand on his own.

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If you purchased from store.then that would be Epic Rights - rcocks - if you made your purchase there as well, please use the same contact form! Since she died we were roommates, best friends and I have a horse grandson to the horse she owned. I hope to be gone in a week I am praying I will be. It's a big disappointment to have it on here and not the original, especially when this band plays the VH SO well! The kid can just blend in with another group he will never stand on his own.

SHE married into rock royalty and dominated celeb columns for years alongside Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

But Jo Wood has been forging an independent lifestyle since splitting from her rocker ex - here's what you need to know...

At one point she snuck off to the loo to phone a pal, telling her: "Jesus Christ he looks like my ex-husband." Jo has dipped her fingers into a lot of showbiz pies, so you'd expect her to have the lavish lifestyle to match.

She worked as a model until she was 22, with a stint as The Sun's Face of 1972, while she's also done TV work such as Strictly Come Dancing.

But Jo revealed in February 2017 that she has forgiven the rocker for his cheating ways, and that the divorce is "the best thing that's ever happened to her". I can look after myself now." She also said she's managed to stay close with her ex and is a fan of his new wife, 39-year-old Sally Humphreys, and their twin daughters.


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