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It is used to generate notifications to indicate when clocking sources change roles or become unavailable.

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This mib will ONLY be supported in the 11.2GS version of IOS and will NOT be ported to any later versions.

This MIB module defines objects for managing cable diagnostic test capabilites supported by the Cisco devices.

- cisco Bert Axsme Capability V3R00 is for Enhanced ATM Switch Service Module AXSM-E), and Enhanced Processor Switch Module 1PXM1E) uplink.

This MIB provides information on Building Integrated Timing Supply BITS) clocking sources and modes of operations.

This MIB supports the resource pool manager feature of CISCO IOS.

This feature provides the ability to accept or reject calls based on DNIS numbers, resources required, user DNS domains, and counts of curr This MIB module provides TCP service connection related data for tracking the progress and status of a call.

Each record stores information about those connection setup The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ATM-VIRTUAL-IF-MIB.

- cav If Capm Virtual If Capability V2R00 is for AXSM module in Release 2.0.

- cav If Capability Axsm V2R0010 is for AXSM Service Module in Release 2.0.10.

- cav If Capability Axsme V2R0160 is for AXSM-E Service Modu MIB module for Authentication Framework in the system.

Authentication Framework provides generic configurations for authentication methods in the system and manage the failover sequence of these methods in a flexible manner.


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