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But there are many other types of debts that the guides can be applied to.

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You cannot fully afford the debts you have now, but can afford something, and would prefer to manage the situation outside of bankruptcy.

Each of your credit card lenders will have a policy for how they handle collecting on accounts that go delinquent. Yes, getting the best deals, and the most from settling debt, is in the details.

The lower negotiated amount should be something you can afford to pay in one lump sum, or over time if it is a term settlement agreement.

Negotiating and paying a lower amount to settle debts you are already late with is very common.

That’s because debt settlement does not fit into a tidy package like consolidating credit cards, consumer credit counseling, or bankruptcy.

I thought it important to have an introduction to debt negotiation due to the amount, and variations of content, you will find here.

We have provided debt settlement education and debt negotiation services since 2004. We have made our customers, members, and readers good at it.

We are also not your Aunt Mildred’s debt settlement company (no offense Mildred).

Once you complete your review of our debt settlement guide, you will know more than the majority of sales people who are the front line for selling debt negotiation to the public.


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