Error updating batch microsoft odbc sql server driver sql server backdating settlement

As a rule of thumb, I’d recommend that SQL Server developers, without a great deal of experience in optimizing queries, err on the side of caution by not applying functions, or operators, to the columns used in joins or predicates.

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And if the query returned a smaller subset of records, then the performance improvement would be even greater.

If we now query on a specific Created DT datetime – But the DATEADD and DATEDIFF functions are not sargable so the query optimizer is unable to perform a seek on the IX_Product_Created DT non-clustered index.

But note that a subset of the products are prefixed and suffixed with spaces, and we also want to return these.

Here’s how NOT to do it – We are targeting the IX_Product_Product Name index, and the query plan shows that the optimizer has chosen to use this index.

IS NULL as shown below – The optimizer now chooses an optimal seek on the index.

Sargable functions in SQL Server are few and far between.Product ( Created DT ASC ) INCLUDE (Product Id, Product Name) ON [PRIMARY]; CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_Product_Product Line ON dbo.Product ( Product Line ASC ) INCLUDE (Product Id, Product Name) ON [PRIMARY]; First off, we want to optimize a query that returns Product records with Product Name equal to “Product 1”.Dac Services service = new Dac Services(connection String); using(Dac Package package = Dac Package. For existing tabular projects that currently use an explicit workspace server, you can switch to integrated workspace mode by setting the Integrated Workspace Mode parameter to True in the Properties window, which is displayed when you select the file in Solution Explorer. Updates and fixes Database tools: Released: June 1, 2016 Build number: 14.0.60525.0 SSDT General Availability (GA) is now released.Load(@"C:\My\db.dacpac")) { var options = new Publish Options() ; // Call publish and receive deployment script & report in the results Publish Result result = service. The SSDT GA update for June 2016 adds support for the latest updates of SQL Server 2016 RTM, and various bug fixes.CREATE TABLE Product ( Product Id int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, Product Name nvarchar(100) NOT NULL, Product Line nchar(2) NULL, Created DT datetime, CONSTRAINT PK_Product PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( Product Id ASC ) ) ON [PRIMARY]; GO INSERT INTO Product (Product Name, Product Line, Created DT) VALUES ('Product 1', 'L1', DATEADD(year, -1, GETDATE())), (' Product 1 ', 'L1', DATEADD(year, -2, GETDATE())), ('Product 2', 'L1', DATEADD(year, -3, GETDATE())), (' Product 2 ', 'L1', DATEADD(year, -4, GETDATE())), ('Product 3', 'L2', DATEADD(year, -5, GETDATE())), (' Product 3 ', 'L2', DATEADD(year, -6, GETDATE())), ('Product 4', 'L2', DATEADD(year, -7, GETDATE())), (' Product 4 ', 'L3', DATEADD(year, -8, GETDATE())), ('Product 5', 'L4', DATEADD(year, -9, GETDATE())), (' Product 5 ', NULL, DATEADD(year, -10, GETDATE())); GO 1000 CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_Product_Product Name ON dbo.


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