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She is responsible for her actions—actions that were abusive and highly likely to leave you traumatized.

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Unless the details you didn't share include, say, a massive collection of gay porn or messy closet-case classics like drunken lunges at male friends or running for Congress on a "family values" platform, your friend will have to remain in the hetero column for now.

That said, if you believe a solid gay ass pounding would jar loose the professional and romantic success that has thus far eluded your friend, go ahead and ask him if he's a "repressed homosexual." It might cost you his friendship, AFAR, but someone who calls only once or twice a year to recount his romantic fuckups doesn't sound like much of a friend anyway.

She was never bitter about it, but it was devastating.

She lost the love of her life for no apparent reason and was left completely alone, except for me. We were extremely close for the next four years and actually slept in the same bed every night.

I wish I had never mentioned it, but it was part of a truth-or-dare session we were having.

This has been the situation for the last three months.But his mother seduced him, dismissing the sexual and emotional needs of a teenage boy.There is no other way to describe this other than abuse, however consensual he may have perceived it to be at the time." But that was then, TRUTHS. "Unfortunately, I don't think his wife will ever be able to put this revelation behind her," said Dr. "I think his best bet is to leave her, move on, and seek therapy.I believe that what makes him unable to face this aspect of his life is interfering with everything else, too.I would like to be able to talk openly about it with him without hurting him. Artist Failing At Relationships Sometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar—but an unsuccessful heterosexual is almost always just that.Miletski prefers not to use terms like "abuse" or "trauma" unless the person involved uses those terms themselves—which you didn't, TRUTHS, but I'm going to go ahead and use them.

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