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All of this ties in perfectly with Around The Barn, whose hour-long shows are also being archived by host station KHTS and are made available in podcast form as well as new shows being streamed live each Saturday morning!

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Enter finally a year ago Julie Fox Pomilia, originally a guest telling tales of being the granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and then being invited to co-host as well!

As Nancy Pitchford puts it, its always more fun with more!!

And to avoid any buffering youre suffering, the full concerts areor will soon beon You Tube! You may not feel its much of an issue now, but just you wait. By that we mean finding new people who will immediately like or will grow to like Western Music.

So here I am with my supposedly lofty knowledge of past and present Western Music and my widely accepted deep appreciation for our artists output. Were reasonably sure theyre out there, but from the git-go we do need to recognize certain things about them and about reaching them.

That sense of mutual affection and high spirits comes across, attracting to the hometown feeling show an audience ranging from the American heartland to England, France and beyond. My focus is mostly the equestrian side, says Pitchford.

I bring in the promotional aspect, music and dig up leads to guests, adds Bell. Following are the huge group of pertinent addresses: Mail product to Out West, 24265 Main Street, Newhall, CA 91321. To hear live streaming of Around The Barn shows (Saturdays 9AM to 10 AM Pacific time) go to gets you to On The Air for whats coming up and Happened gets you to past show podcasts.

She renames the Saturday 9AM to 10AM slot Around The Barn.

Enter a year later Bobbi Jean Bell, former director of retail operations for the Autry National Museum storeoriginally a guest, then sort of a consultant and then invited to co-host.

You just know any song that I would have been humming incessantly around here simply must be one of those great classic visions of our grand and glorious West! The Eggplant That Ate Chicago has been running through my head for the last two weeks. The song probably hasnt been played by anyone but Dr. I dont want it chomping around in my skull and I certainly didnt invite it to invade. Here are just some of the facts that may be pretty tough pills for Western Music diehards to swallow.

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