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Titus Denarius of the same type as coin in question. IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M, laureate bust right / TR P VIIII IMP XV COS VII P P, Capricorn left, globe below. It declares: TR P VIIII IMP XV COS VII PP (“with the tribunician power for the ninth time, acclaimed emperor for the fifteenth time, consul for the seventh time, Father of the Nation”).

We know from separate contemporary sources and letters that Titus did not receive his 15It may not be a great monument or life size bronze but the evidence this coin provides is diminutive and definitive.

It will also provide a refuge for any girls who are raped, because here, neither the local chief (Maasai himself) nor the police will do anything about it. It is great – a row of mabati houses, space for more, plenty of space to develop and all for 12,000 a month, which is just under £90.

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Grund genug für uns, dieser Sache auf den Grund zu gehen… “Als Designerin bin ich davon überzeugt, dass Luxusartikel vielseitig sein müssen.

Nur so können wir sie verändern und auf unterschiedliche Weise neu interpretieren.

Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum you will have, no doubt, rightly been overawed by the wealth of wonders on display; pristine bronzes, dazzling frescoes, even human remains, all eerily preserved by the ashes spewed from Vesuvius on that fateful day: 24th August 79 CE.

A date we have been taught in school, read in textbooks and seen in film & television; truly “a date that will live in infamy”. Even after visiting the exhibition, many may not realise the long accepted date of the eruption is even in doubt (I saw the topic briefly mentioned a couple of times in item descriptions) let alone that there exists a key piece of evidence that puts the date to bed definitively.

Frankly odd descriptions of the coin being “barely readable” make no sense as it would have been all but a few weeks old and in pristine condition at the time of eruption.

Drawings show a coin in mint state: That such dramatic conclusions can be drawn from such a tiny object may be difficult to comprehend but such are the joys of history.

The original, unedited diaries are on her Facebook page.

MONDAY Zaida tells me more about the plans for the girls’ refuge – education, personal development, outreach work.

Ausgeblichene Jeans sind das Must-have der Stunde – je Stonewashed, desto besser. Selbst die großen Labels schwören auf den Daddy-Look.


  1. Along with broadcasting, Abuhamdeh texts and talks on the phone with his followers. Then in May of last year it suddenly clicked, exploding from less than 10 million monthly visitors to more than 100 million in the span of just four months.

  2. Police told ABC 30: 'Sanchez was under the influence when she rolled her car over, into a barbed wire fence and then a field.' Authorities say they were made aware of the shocking crash scene video circulating on social media and were working to determine if it was authentic.

  3. In her comments she made a very important point that is easy to miss with all this going on.

  4. Many computational models provide a clear way of visualizing the process of biased competition, but only the most recent (see, for example, this one) include a possible mechanism for stochastic goal maintenance failure.

  5. The biggest event to happen to the drive-in industry, switching to digital, is advertised on dated websites with glittery backdrops that remind you of an early America Online profile. In its simplicity, affordable tickets bring communities together on sticky summer nights and that’s a rarity today.

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