Manager of pid file quit without updating file mysql

Question: How to handle Date convertions in Datastage? Answer: We use a) "Iconv" function - Internal Convertion. Function to convert mm/dd/yyyy format to yyyy-dd-mm is Oconv(Iconv(Filedname,"D/MDY[2,2,4]"),"D-MDY[2,2,4]") Question: Types of Parallel Processing? Question: What does a Config File in parallel extender consist of? Link Collector: It collects the data coming from partitions, merges it into a single data flow and loads to target.

Answer: Stage Variable - An intermediate processing variable that retains value during read and doesn? Constraint - Conditions that are either true or false that specifies flow of data with a link. Question: What is Hash file stage and what is it used for? A) Static - Sub divided into 17 types based on Primary Key Pattern. Question: How to run a Shell Script within the scope of a Data stage job?

Question: What are Stage Variables, Derivations and Constants? We can increase it by going into Datastage Administrator and selecting the Tunable Tab and specify the cache size over there. It is also used in-place of ODBC, OCI tables for better performance. Answer: Hashed File is classified broadly into 2 types.

DSPrepare Job Interface to system send mail facility.

(Only one database) c) Cannot handle Stored Procedures. Dimension Modelling types along with their significance Data Modelling is Broadly classified into 2 types. Data Stage contains two components, Client Component. DSMake Msg Ensure a job is in the correct state to be run or validated.

DSTransform Error Convert a job control status or error code into an explanatory text message. B) Snowflake Schema - Complex with more Granularity. Question: Importance of Surrogate Key in Data warehousing?

DSSend Mail Log a warning message to a job log file.

It is a Built-in transform it generates Sequential numbers. Passive stages handle access to databases for extracting or writing data. Arguments are always in parentheses, separated by commas, as shown in this general syntax: Function Name (argument, argument) ?

(Schedule can be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) We can monitor the jobs. The available macros are: DSHost Name DSProject Name DSJob Status DSJob Name DSJob Controller DSJob Start Date DSJob Start Time DSJob Start Timestamp DSJob Wave No DSJob Invocations DSJob Invocation Id DSStage Name DSStage Last Err DSStage Type DSStage In Row Num DSStage Var List DSLink Row Count DSLink Last Err DSLink Name 1) Examples 2) To obtain the name of the current job: 3) My Name = DSJob Name To obtain the full current stage name: My Name = DSJob Name : ? : DSStage Name Q 37 What is key Mgt Get Next Value? You can also use shared containers as a way of incorporating server job functionality into parallel jobs. A local container is edited in a tabbed page of the job? Some functions have 0 arguments; most have 1 or more.

Answer: As the names itself suggest what they mean. The Data file has a default size of 2GB and the overflow file is used if the data exceeds the 2GB size. Question: Compare and Contrast ODBC and Plug-In stages? Question: What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used? Question: Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector?

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