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As an example, let's say a person is trying to dodge a call from a credit card company just until payday when they will be able to pay the bill. With the software available now, all the credit card company would have to do is get the person's spouse's work number from their files and make it look like a wife or husband is calling from work!(BTW, I'm NOT recommending that people do this - it's just an example.) So, for two weeks the person doesn't answer any calls where the number on the caller I. I don't know if it is legal for businesses to do this or not, but so far, I haven't seen what is legal or not legal stop people from doing anything they wanted to do to get money from people who perhaps couldn't afford it.

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In this case, it will display, "Mc Donald's Hamburgers" (or however it would normally display if someone was calling you from a Mc Donald's), followed by their telephone number!

The ramifications of this kind of software program boggles the mind!

Because I don't like it when someone calls and leaves no message, I DID A BACKGROUND SEARCH AND ANALYSIS OF THE PHONE NUMBER WHICH WAS USED TO CALL MY HOUSE.

What I learned about ***405-231-3175*** is outlined below: The number is a land-line (not a cell phone), and the provider is listed Southwestern Bell (which was purchased by and renamed AT&T). The address the phone company lists for this person is as follows:325 N. 3rd STREETOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73104 I Googled the address and it shows to be the location of the following business: GRINNELL FIRE PROTECTION Certainly, it's possible this was nothing more than a mis-dialed number.

If it is a bill collector then they have ways to get ahold of me through the correct channels.

So I am not sure what is up with the call but I thought I would post just to say it happen to me. When I return the call it get a voice mail stating.

Now, that being said, it needs to be noted that people should PAY their bills every month and ON TIME!

However, if a person's child dies, or life-threatening diseases put the bread winner in the hospital for two weeks stopping the paychecks from coming in (I've experienced both of those situations - and more), a person can get behind in payments, etc.

The area code is for Oklahoma, and the prefix (231) used to indicate the location of the caller was somewhere in the downtown business district of Oklahoma City.

However, in addition to the fact that downtown Oklahoma City is being (and has been) renovated - in part, to get ready to be the home of our first NBA team (which means there is now a large number of residential units downtown now), one must also consider that you can't count on the prefix to give you an "area of town" anymore because people can move across town now and keep their old numbers.

STILL, I JUST HATE THE THINGS COLLECTION AGENCIES ARE DOING TO PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF "MONEY" THESE DAYS! The answer is a guy saying the office is closed and to leave your name and number.

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