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So, their new TV does not function well, and aside from that, their service is very poor. We had a technician look at it and he said it was a bad panel, like everyone else here, there are many horizontal lines across the picture. The product has not arrived yet and it's now September 22.

Talking to their customer relations people is useless. I called them and the product was supposed to be sent via Fedex. I should be getting some kind of compensation for the late delivery. yesno9/23/11 I am so upset with my Sony TV right now, I will never buy another Sony TV again.

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It sounds like Sony has problems and should acknowledge it instead of offering ridiculous and outrageous repair fees and discounted televisions. Now, I have the colored scan lines and 3/4 of the screen is covered with noise. It's deplorable that Sony won't do anything about this.

TV cost $2,000 when we bought it, I mean, they know they have a problem when they stop making the part for the repair. It is the LCD screen that is bad and this should not be so with a TV that is 1.5 years old. It is a bad product and they are the worst company. yesno10/5/11 Like many others here, I purchased the Sony Bravia KDL-32L4000 32" LCD TV from Best Buy about 16 months ago.

If the part was available it would cost $3,000 to $3,400 for complete repair. yesno10/7/11 I purchased a Sony 46" Bravia TV in August 2009. After reading all of the other consumer complaints, I am surprised that Sony has done nothing to resolve the situation. And I will tell everyone that I know about Sony's lack of responsibility for a product it manufactured. yesno10/6/11 Related: Sony Home Theater| Polaroid TV| Philips & Magnavox| Samsung TV| Vizio| XM Satellite Radio| Panasonic LCD TV| Sirius Satellite Radio Ads by Google Wholesale TV Advertising National, Regional and Local Spots as low as $26 It was working great until June 2011, when the screen went out with many lines and I am unable to see the picture clearly.

Consumer DIRECTV Official Site The Best Offer Ever! NFL SUNDAY TICKET Now Included TV is less than 2 years old and the repairman says the LCD panel is bad. We purchased a 32" Sony Bravia TV in Mexico at Wal-Mart, Nuevo Vallarta on December 2009.

From the same site: 10/11/11 After less than a year and a half, our 52" Sony Bravia started having a black spot on the right side. Sony offered instruction in factory reset and that was all. I paid way more for the alleged quality of the Sony brand.

Best Buy came out and troubleshot for free but said it was the television. And I bought other Sony components to go with the TV.

All they do is read a script off a computer screen explaining why they cannot help. As of today, the product has not been picked up from the warehouse in China. No one knows what will be the estimated delivery date. It's a common problem, after 16 months, horizontal lines appear.

I called Customer Service in Canada and the person on the phone said the issue is related to shipping department and will call back with an update as soon as possible. If it's a common problem among Sony TVs, shouldn't Sony take responsibility for their poor engineering design?

consumersearch.com/lcd-tv TV Repair Services Looking For TV Repair Services? I'm kind of stuck, guess we will take the deal, but I'm not happy about it. One and a half years later, lines appear all over the screen. We paid 00 for that, and now, we got a lifetime lesson. Original cost was little over 6,000 Pesos, where is the discount?

I called Sony, they are offering a new TV for 0. National TV Repair Jacksonville In-Home Repair, 6 Days A Week. Sony TV Lamp Sale Sony Original OEM TV Lamps on Sale In Stock, Your Lamp will ship Today purelandsupply.com/Sony-TV-Lamp Scottrade Official Site Online Trades. Sony has supposedly offered to repair our TV for 6,000 Pesos stating this is a discount.

It would clear up after 30 minutes but a horizontal black line would stay permanently on the screen.


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