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It would not surprise me if many people feel the same way; the issue is complicated.But even if Fauquenot is in the wrong here, even if he's deluded himself into believing that his teammates, not his penchant for Widowmaker, are the problem, something is still amiss.

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Along the way, Fauquenot has gotten chat banned by teammates five separate times over the last year, and he claims the disagreements all stem from his hero picks, rather than actual toxic discussions.

Within players, who are free to interpret infractions however they see fit.

Players expect flexibility, and Blizzard encourages people to change things up as needed.

The reality of is a bit more complicated than that, of course.

"The violent insults are one thing I can deal with but they are often followed, ironically, with griefing behaviour," Fauquenot said.

"It is very common to have a Mei blocking my line of sight." As evidence, Fauquenot provided an Imgur link full of exchanges where people shit on him for playing Widowmaker, including screenshots of players idling in defiance toward him: As far as players are concerned, Fauquenot absolutely deserves the chat bans.People have preferences, characters that they're more comfortable with than others.Sometimes, common sense will tell you that your team "needs" a particular hero to attack or defend efficiently, but that may not align with your actual skill./salt But seriously the issue isn't even your lvl of play as Widow (which frankly is surprisingly low given all your hours with her, last time i checked i believe your winrate in competitive was 47%), it's the fact that you will never swap away from her for any reason.You're not a team player, you go into competitive expecting others to tank and heal for you and won't adapt, ever.To wit, we recently got a tip about a top player named Necros, who is ranked #58 in his or her region -- and Necros predominantly plays Genji.


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