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The Cell End Edit event occurs when edit mode is being ended, and provides the event handler with the ability to modify the text to be placed into the Active Cell, or force edit mode to continue. The Cell End Edit event is always invoked on the thread which created the workbook view control, and a lock is always acquired on the workbook set associated with the workbook view control before Cell End Edit is invoked. When the user types the reference directly the information about the product will be filled in the other columns and the user can choose the quantity he wants and it will do the calculation.

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In this short snippet, we will populate a Data Grid View using the Load Data() method.

This method uses the Sql Data Adapter to populate a Data Set.

But when I go to the next row and I want to add another value in the reference cell and then it will fill the other like the first one, it didn't do it... My app is a sort of cash register for a shop so in the datagrid there is Reference ,it is the reference of the product.

When I enter a value in the Reference Column then immediately it will fill the other values in the others cells from mysql database.

Anytime a grid event is handled, a notification will pop-up and fade out.

This helps identify when, and in what order, events are being handled without explicitly having to set breakpoints and wait for the code to catch each event.

This makes more sense when we think about a Text Box column.

We would not want the Cell Value Changed event firing every single time a letter was added to a person’s last name.

In the options group box, you can choose to include event handlers notifications or not.

Also, the drop down list will add / remove handlers so you can easily test out which handlers do what without having to specifically comment out lines of code.

The table ‘Orders’ in the Data Set is then bound to the Binding Source component which gives us the flexibility to choose/modify the data location.


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