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Knowing that was a great because it meant that we could be undressed around each other without offending the other--but living in a 15' x 20' room with no in-room amenities... At night, when all the activities were done and dinner and dessert was eaten, we had about 2 hours of free time. I remember once a workmate and I shared the same hotel room. Today we still walk around nude in front of each other.

Everyone rushed to the showers, respective gender's side had one shower room consisting of 4 tiny stalls. My colleague was a sportsman so he had no problems to str1p and stay naked after we entered our room. We have watched ourselves grow from toddlers to adults.

This story happened some years now, but worth sharing.

Me, my girlfriend, I'll call her Mary and a friend of both, Anna, were spending a few days in Portugal.

The crazy thing is more people are ok with it then you would think, it usually just takes one or two people who are willing to take the first steps.

Once that happens you'll quickly find that most people love being...

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Whenever we'd all be in town together for a concert or whatever, we... They got in the car, and almost straight away I was naked, my clothes all across the floor.

a boy) that I liked saw me naked, and why I had to stay naked. I watched TV for a bit, and then thought how awesome it would be to go naked in my... Right in front of me was my straight friend completely nude weighing himself.

It was the summer and that was the only time he was in town.

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