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This will mean you’re not tucking in your arms while others are lumbering through with their luggage.

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– 10/13/12 – Please note: There is now a Facebook Group for Flying While Fat. – 8/20/13 – Updated to add review of Monarch model Boeing 757-200 (757).

– 8/2/13 – Updated to add reviews of United models 767-300 (International), 737-900 (Domestic), A-319 (Domestic), 777-200 (International) – 8/26/12 – Please note, the FAA has banned Personal Seatbelt Extenders. – 4/29/12 – added experience with United (formerly Continental) Boeing 777-200ER Flat Bed Useful Statistics: I can clearly only speak for fatties of my similar shape/size or smaller – so as to aid you in knowing in advance if this blog post has any relevance to your life, here is my general body situation. I am not one for form-fitting clothing so, if you are, size that down a notch.

Explain your situation and ask if there are any seats available next to an empty seat. And if you somehow end up in a middle seat, ask them to check with any passenger traveling alone in an aisle or window seat to see if they will change places with you. While you’re at it, ask if there are any empty seats in business or first class. If you do end up with a middle seat and no alternatives, wait until you are on the plane and ask the passenger next to you to switch. Aisles There’s good and bad to both and what you choose is really up to your personal preference.

Explain that everyone will be happier if you can lean into the aisle or against the window. Window seats are great if you’ve got a camel bladder like I do. The only risk to window seats is that, depending on the placement of the window, you may have more or less shoulder room. The curve of a well-placed window is great for leaning, but the hard wall between the curves can make for awkward sleeping.

Also, I am relatively able-bodied which means I’m not able to speak first-hand for those whose mobility may differ. It just sucks a little less and you get a little tiny hot towel that no one actually understands.

First, Don’t be Mislead: Flying Sucks: There’s no way around that fact. This blog post does not promise to make flying not suck.

ALSO: Before you book, clear your browser cookies (not just the cache, the actual *cookies*), close the browser, and then open it again.

This is unrelated to fat flying, except I realize how many of us repeatedly visit our favored travel sites to check and double-check information before actually booking.

My Story: I’m not exactly sure (year-wise) when I stopped flying.


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