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Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, natural method of using the power of positive suggestion...Hello, my name is Jacqueline Carson and I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.All hypnotherapists comply with our policy I am a fully qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Hypnotherapist.

I practise in Darlington and see clients from County Durham and North Yorkshire.

I can also travel to individuals who may not be able to get into...

Condoms can also be used for oral and anal sex to protect both partners from a range of STIs including HIV.

See Condom Section LARC – Contraception Methods If you are going to have sex, using contraception is the best way to prevent pregnancy.

Platform workers will always try to maintain confidentiality and trust and to enable all young people to live healthy and lead safe lives For further information Visit *Condoms * Condoms are the cheapest and most reliable method of contraception.

They act as a barrier to stop sperm from entering the vagina; by doing this they protect against unplanned pregnancy and from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Staff are available to work with these young people on issues surrounding drug and alcohol use.

Platform provide information, advice and practical support to young people, parents/carers and other family members.

It is a partnership between Middlesbrough Teenage Pregnancy Unit, Sexual Health Teesside, DISC – Platform, Linx, Middlesbrough College and Linx Project.

‘The average age for first time sex has fallen significantly since the 1950’s’ ‘Females from 21 to 16 and from 21 to 17 for males’ (Wellings et al) Why Risk It promotes that whatever the age you shouldn’t be having sex until you are ready and more importantly certainly not without protection. Offers free, confidential advice and services to young people to ensure then they receive the correct information Risk Taking Behaviours and how to protect themselves against Sexually Transmitted Infections and Unplanned Pregnancy. Offers a range of services and advice on risk reduction Drugs & Alcohol Middlesbrough’s Young People’s Specialist Drug and Alcohol team is situated in Myplace.

In 2013 I moved back to the North East after 25 years in London.

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